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Die Assembly Maintenance Our team of die assembly technicians can inspect a used die assembly and determine the most economical process to refurbished it to like-new condition. This may include requalification, regrinding, or replacement. The cost of a reworked die assembly is significantly lower than the cost of a new one.
Tool Maintenance Program Working in conjunction with the customer, perishable tools can be removed from the forming process at prescribed intervals based on usage patterns. The used tools can be inspected, polished to remove superficial markings as well as recoated if applicable. The cost of the reworked tool is a fraction of the cost of a new tool and should result in increased tool life.
Used Material Recycling

The ETD team can assist in gathering and sorting used tooling at customer's facility to determine if any material can be remanufactured into another tool. Any scrap material would be returned to the customer for disposal based on their existing scrap material procedures.

Kanban-Type Inventory Program Tooling can be inventoried at our facility in a raw, semi-finished or finished state depending on the needs of the customer. This pull-type system would reduce lead times associated with raw material, lower tool costs while potentially allowing for next day delivery.


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