Express Tool & Die has evolved from a typical tool supplier into a modern full service facility. We are led by a progressive team oriented management style and have become a producer of world class products. The results of this transition, which began in 1986; is clearly evident in the tools we produce. Our progress has been statistically tracked and certifiably reflects a constant climb to become the best of the best.


Express Tool & Die was founded in 1967. In 1969, a facility was constructed that was ideally located near Detroit Metropolitan Airport and accessible to all major freeways: North, South, East, and West. The original concept was fast service, hence our name; at a competitive price. The industry has always demanded service, and their demands were met.

In 1986, Paul E. Varady became sole owner of Express Tool & Die. His awareness of the needs and expectations of the market dramatically differed from his partners. "Quality is your reputation and our reputation is our image." He began to instill the ideas of a "quality tool, delivered on time at a competitive price."

A massive cleansing began to take root. Mr. Varady's idea was to create an environment where new ideas and innovations flourished. A quality department was constructed which included a Quality Control Manager previously non-existent in tool shops of our size. Other programs incorporated include preventative maintenance, modern offices with computerized tracking, control plans, Cause and Effect charts, and the acquisition of the latest technologies in engineering utilizing CAD and CNC equipment.

Mr. Varady shared his vision and assembled a management team. Comprised from within, Express Tool & Die became a team on a quest for never-ending improvement. Calibration schedules, outlined in our Standard Operational Procedures; became a reality. Good housekeeping became the norm. He also promoted academics and a willingness to pay the price for those who excelled. The vision of one man became the standard by which each employee operates. The greatness by which a company is measured is by how well you treat your customers. The awareness of the needs and expectations of customers, both internal and external, is the moving target on which the governing principles of Express Tool & Die are focused, constant improvement.

Business Focus

The need for diversification of Express Tool & Die's service became more apparent as tool volume demands shrank and our customers downsized. Express Tool & Die began recruiting college graduates specializing in computer technologies. They joined and became intricate ingredients to our management team. Emphasis on technology and service, particularly engineering became our focus. The mission was obvious, develop technical engineering and quality systems that will result in continuous improvement in every facet of the organization.

In 1987, an intricate part of Express Tool & Die's team became a member, a Senior Tooling Engineer. His first act was to purchase a CAD program that continues to be essential in calculating volumes, defining critical dimensions, clarifing print specifications and providing a resource towards solutions for engineering problems. This CAD program became essential in launching Express Tool & Die into the 90's as a force in not only design and build, but customer assistance on current improvements of design. The Senior Tooling Engineer assembled an engineering staff and became a vital teacher in enlightening established members of the team in the principles of Cold Heading and Extrusion. An Engineering Department was created.

As the new millennium approached, Express Tool & Die expanded into a new facility at our current location that included additional floor space for administration, quality control, manufacturing and engineering. An inventory control system was established. Additional CNC equipment was acquired. Upgrades in computer systems for administration and engineering tasks were made. Express Tool & Die became prepared to continue to service customer's design and tooling needs into the 21st Century.

The dependence of engineering assistance by Express Tool & Die's customers has become more apparent and will continue in the future. Having reconstructed a quality team comprised of youth and experience, Express Tool & Die has positioned itself as a benchmark to its competitors. Our staff consists of college graduates in engineering, computer science, CAD technology, business administration, accounting, and communications. Express Tool & Die's four senior members have over one hundred-twenty five years of experience in tooling technology. What is impossible today, will become the norm tomorrow.


Express Tool & Die has undergone tremendous change since its beginning in 1967. With Mr. Varady's passing in January 2015, his legacy was passed on to his daughter Michele who was appointed CEO and became majority owner. As our team strives to become WBENC certified, it's evident that Express Tool & Die has and shall continue to be a customer driven responsive supplier. In a never ending pursuit of its customer's moving target, a quest for never ending improvement. "A quality tool, delivered on time at a competitive price."

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