Manufacturing Capabilities

Express Tool & Die's specializes in the manufacturing of carbide and steel tooling for metal forming industries. Our machines and processes are geared for the following sizes:

Turning: I.D. greater than a 1/2"
O.D. sizes up to 18"
OAL from 1/2" to 48"
Grinding: I.D. greater than a 1/2"
O.D. sizes up to 8"
OAL from 1/2" to 18"

Our turning & milling department consists of five Mazak Turning Centers for soft and hard turning operations as well as two CNC Milling Centers & a Bridgeport mill.

Several Universal Heald and Parker Majestic Grinders are the backbone of our grinding department that includes multiple surface & centerless grinders as well.

Our finish department of Harding finish lathes round out our manufacturing process by achieving mirror like surface finishes insuring optimum metal flow.

Compression die assemblies are Express Tool & Die's expertise. We have assembly presses ranging from 250 tons to over a 1000 ton. These presses as well as our stress relieve oven allow our team to properly load and unload a wide range of die assembly sizes. Once a die is assembled and compression requirements are verified, the die assembly can be finished machined, polished and lapped to print specifications.

A listing of our machinery in pdf format can be found here.


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